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Vital Air 5 Plus • Vital Air 3 Plus

Vital Air is the market-leader of Energised Oxygen and SpiroVital Therapy, offering the most powerful and versatile Energised Oxygen device available worldwide.

If you are seeking “The Best of the Best”, you’ve found it in Vital Air!

Vital Air 5 Plus

Vital Air 5 Plus - Energised Oxygen from Unique Perceptions
  • Most powerful therapy available worldwide

  • Maximal Versatility (5 intensity settings)

  • 4000 hours’ use before service

  • Robust German technology

  • Optional Chromotherapy & Aromatherapy

“My observations indicate that patients respond more quickly to therapy when Vital Air is included in their care. It appears helpful in stimulating and reinforcing improvement in those that were at a plateau.”

Dr Ade Sanni, The Spine and Nerve Centre, Sussex

  • Powerful therapy (6 Activation Catalysts)

  • Most affordable Vital Air device

  • 4000 hours’ use before service

  • Robust German technology

Vital Air 3 Plus

VA5+ Information

The Vital Air 5 Plus (VA5+) is currently the most advanced form of Energised Oxygen you can access throughout the world.

Designed as an upgrade to the earlier Airnergy Professional Plus and Active Air models, the Vital Air 5 Plus provides a highly sophisticated, aesthetically pleasing Energised Oxygen device ideal for home or clinic use.

A user-friendly touch screen, in addition to the optional Colour Therapy and Aromatherapy modules, make the Vital Air 5 Plus a pleasure to use individually or as a Practitioner.

As an added bonus, Vital Air customers now also have exclusive access to ‘Vital Water’, which is a strong bioregulator (additional therapy for balancing body systems). This new (patent pending) product is based on ‘EZ Water’, the ‘Living Water’ which makes up the cells of our body and enables all biological reactions to take place efficiently. Click here for more information.

Vital Air 5 Plus and Vital Air 3 Plus:


2 years’ manufacturer’s warranty as standard.


After 4000 hours of use, via the manufacturer.


The Vital Air machines are CE marked and hold an EC Declaration of Conformity.


Power Supply: 12V DC
Power Input: 120/220/240V 2.5A
Dimensions (mm): 280 x 310 x 310
Weight: 4.2kg

Vital Air Options:

  • Direct Purchase • Brand New Vital Air 5 Plus • £4195 upfront

  • Direct Purchase • Brand New Vital Air 3 Plus • £3450 upfront

  • Rental Scheme (VA5+) (3 months recommended) • £180 / month

Additional delivery charges apply. £30 delivery within mainland UK. For international delivery fees and terms, please contact us.

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“After two to three weeks I began to notice a difference and now, six months on, I feel the best I have felt in years!
I would definitely recommend trialling the Vital Air just to see if it could help!”

J.P. Yorkshire, England

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