Airnergy Professional Plus

Airnergy devices have been manufactured since the early 2000s and have proven excellent additions to health optimisation programmes around the world. Although newer models such as Vital Air and Kinetic Oxygen have in some ways superseded Airnergy in therapy power and affordability, the Airnergy Professional Plus device remains a highly beneficial health unit and supplier of Energised Oxygen to the body.

Airnergy Professional Plus

  • Manufactured since 2000.

  • 2000 hours’ use before service

  • Robust German technology

Airnergy Plus Information

The Airnergy Professional Plus has been a solid baseline Energised Oxygen device manufactured since 2000. Endorsed by Dr Chris Steele on TV’s ‘This Morning’ in 2005, The Professional Plus (‘PP’) contains 4 Activation Catalysts and offers 3 intensity settings to vary therapy levels.


2 years’ manufacturer’s warranty as standard.


After 2000 hours of use, via the manufacturer.


Airnergy machines are FDA-accepted and CE certified.


Power Supply: 12V DC
Power Input: 120/220/240V 2.5A
Dimensions (mm): 350 x 310 x 350
Weight: 4.4kg

Airnergy Professional Plus Options:

  • Direct Purchase • Brand New Airnergy Professional Plus • £4295 upfront

  • Rental Scheme (3 months recommended) • £155 / month

  • Rent-to-Own Scheme (Variable terms and fees) (Used machines only)

Additional delivery charges apply. £30 delivery within mainland UK. For international delivery fees and terms, please contact us.

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“After two to three weeks I began to notice a difference and now, six months on, I feel the best I have felt in years!
I would definitely recommend trialling the Vital Air just to see if it could help!”

J.P. Yorkshire, England

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